Kangaroo Bay Drive Parking and Pedestrian Safety

Heads up for the parents of players at Kangaroo Bay Soccer Grounds on a Saturday morning.

Concerns that have been raised with the Clarence City Council relating to illegal parking and the safety of pedestrians during sporting events at Kangaroo Bay Oval where cars have been seen to be exceeding the 40km speed limit.

It has been observed that some vehicles are parking illegally on the nature strip, footpath and taxi zone. Traffic infringements have been issued to vehicles by the Council.

We have been asked to remind parents of the parking being available along Kangaroo Bay Drive, within the fenced gravel area which has access off Pembroke Place, and on the other side of the oval near Rosny College. While the speed limit along Kangaroo Bay Drive is 40km, we also would like to remind parents to be careful when crossing the road.
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23 hours ago

Just confirmed by phone with Clarence City Council - ALL SPORTS GROUNDS ARE CLOSED TOMORROW - NO SOCCER ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

As promised I'm keeping a close eye on ground closures - and being perfectly honest I think it quite safe to assume that all games will be cancelled tomorrow given the amount of rain dumped on those grounds ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago


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