Training and Coaching

Season 2014 training times are as follows. These are subject to change so keep in contact with your team manager or coach for updates.

  • U6 on Tuesdays 3.15pm at Seventh Avenue, Dodges Ferry
  • U6 Sorell on Wednesdays 3.30pm at Sorell High School
  • U7 on Tuesdays 3.15pm at Seventh Avenue, Dodges Ferry
  • U7 Dunalley on Fridays 3pm at Dunalley School
  • U8 (Sorell) on Wednesdays 3.30pm at Sorell High School
  • U8B Blue (Dodges) on Thursdays 4.00pm at Seventh Avenue, Dodges Ferry
  • U9 Fridays 4pm at Sorell High School (Walker St)
  • U10 Thursdays 4.00pm at Seventh Avenue, Dodges Ferry
  • U11 Wednesdays 4:00pm at Seventh Avenue, Dodges Ferry
  • U12s Wednesdays 4.15pm and Fridays 4pm at Seventh Avenue, Dodges Ferry

Each child at training must wear shin pads, have a water bottle and a parent or carer must remain with them. Please contact your team manager or coach ASAP if a player is unable to train.

In keeping with our commitment to provide the best training possible to our young players, we also have a six level skills award scheme.

The scheme provides a guide coaches in teaching and testing basic skills and rewards for players who achieve these skill levels.

For more details contact Antony Appleby (President) on 0400 474 388.

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