Being a coach

The Dodges Ferry Junior Soccer Club is managed by a volunteer committee. All coaches and team managers are volunteers. Without people willing to volunteer their time we could not provide our kids with the opportunity to experience soccer and the thrill of playing on a team.

Main tasks:
1. Provide a friendly mentoring role for your team that fosters a love of sport and a team ethic.
2. Appoint a team manager for your team and support them as required.
3. Organise and provide one coaching session per week.
4. Maintain the bag of training balls and equipment and ensure it is available at each training session.
5. Ensure that all players and skill levels are provided for during training.
6. Endeavour to develop more advanced training skills as required. More important for older age groups.
7. Support the team on match day and share umpiring of matches with the coach of the other team.
8. Work with the team manager to ensure that players and parents are notified of changes to training and match times or any cancellations.
9. Agree to work within the parameters of Football Federation Tasmania and Eastern Region Junior Soccer Association’s policies, procedures and insurance requirements.

Minimum time allocation:
Attendance at training and matches – 2 hrs per week

What you need:
You could be a parent of one of the team players but this is not essential.
You must satisfy a Police Check.
You will have an interest in soccer but do not need to have experience in playing or coaching.
You will be patient and committed to ensuring that soccer is fun and rewarding for all of the players on your team.

What support will you get?
The Dodges Ferry Junior Soccer Club committee will provide support to you as you need it. You will enjoy supportfrom the other parents on the team and your team manager. Opportunities for developing your training skills are offered during the season from Football Federation Tasmania.

What will you get out of this?
The Dodges Ferry Junior Soccer Club has been running for 30 years encouraging our local kids to take part in a team sport that is challenging, exciting and lots of fun. As a coach you will enjoy fostering a love of soccer and a team ethic with the children and developing their sporting skills. You can take pride in knowing that you are fulfilling a vital role within the club and that without you it would not be possible for the children to get involved in soccer in their local area.


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