Being a team manager

The Dodges Ferry Junior Soccer Club is managed by a volunteer committee. All coaches and team managers are volunteers. Without people willing to volunteer their time we could not provide our kids with the opportunity to experience soccer and the thrill of playing on a team.

Team Managers are the primary contact for both parents and club officials in matters regarding their team and play an important role in supporting the coach.

Main tasks:
1. Distribute information regarding the club and the season to players and their parents in a timely manner when requested to do so by the committee or other club officials.
2. Ensure that players/parents have up-to-date roster information.
3. Provide assistance to the coach where required and appropriate. For example at training, contacting players and parents to inform them of cancellations and collecting fundraising monies.
4. Be responsible for the distribution of uniforms to team players and ensure their return at the end of the season.
5. Maintain the Team Manager’s bag of equipment including the match ball and first aid kit. Notify the committee of any items missing or requiring repair. Return at the end of season.
6. Organise an orange/fruit roster to ensure oranges/fruit is provided at every half-time during the season and that all families contribute.
7. Co-ordinate with the coach to ensure the substitutions of players on match day runs smoothly. All players should get the same game time regardless of their skill level or abilities.
8. Check availability of players prior to game day and notify the committee if team is to forfeit game.
9. Help administer First Aid when required and report significant accidents and injuries to the Secretary.
10. Fill out the match report and deliver to the game day reporter immediately after match via email or hand directly to president, secretary, vice president or game day reporter.
11. Attend monthly committee meetings if required.
12. Agree to work within the parameters of Football Federation Tasmania and Eastern Region Junior Soccer Association’s policies, procedures and insurance requirements.
13. Depending on the level of involvement of the player’s parents, the team manager may also need to check that players have transport arrangements for game day and manage refreshments and/or drink bottles for your team.

Minimum time allocation:
Attendance at training and matches and preparation – no more than 3 hrs per week
Monthly Committee meeting  – 1 to 2 hours a month

What you need:
You should be a parent of one of the team players. An email address and mobile phone will make the role easier.

What support will you get?
The Dodges Ferry Junior Soccer Club committee will provide support to you as you need it. You will also enjoy support from the other parents on the team and your coach.

What will you get out of this?
The Dodges Ferry Junior Soccer Club has been running for 30 years encouraging our local kids to take part in a team sport that is challenging, exciting and lots of fun. As Team Manager of your child’s soccer team you will enjoy working closely with the coach to ensure the enjoyment of all of the children involved. You can take pride in knowing that the club cannot continue without the support of parents in this role.


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