Skills Awards

The Dodges Ferry Junior Soccer Club encourages all players to enjoy developing and improving their skills through training as well as match play.

Introduced in 2011, our detailed 26 page Soccer Skills Awards guide for coaches sets out six skills award levels from foundation to advanced with detailed skill descriptions and diagrams for each.

Level 1 : mini skills award
Level 2 : blue skills award
Level 3 : red skills award
Level 4 : black skills award
Level 5 : green skills award
Level 6 : gold skills award

All players begin at level 1 and progress through the levels at their own pace, team by team.

Players will be awarded a sew-on Devils logo badge for each skill level attained.

Coaches should dedicate a portion of each training session to skills training toward the next level. Which level their team starts at is up to the coach.

Coaches are encouraged to seek more experienced coaches’ help to be certain of the correct way to teach their players these skills.

Assessment can be requested at any time and will be conducted by the team coach and supervised by another coach or committee member.

Mid-season clinics will provide an opportunity for players and coaches to focus on skills training and to test the players who are ready to be assessed.

If coaches have any questions about the skill levels, techniques or the assessments please talk with club president Antony Appleby on 0400 474 388.

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